Middle East Love

I am
a memory for you
whom you visit sometimes
and through a lifetime
you live with this memory
But for me
You're all life
that few of its days
become full with your memory
For me being a woman
has no meaning
When you sacrifice
my love, my soul
for your life
and say
“What can be done?
It’s our destiny”
I passed all the seas
Yearning to see you
Not knowing that
Between us
There was a Gulf
Birds singing in the morning
Wakes me in the morning
But if you want to know the truth
All these are only excuses
Cause the reason for my insomnia
Are just your eyes
In the far far away
The most womanly feelings
be offered to you
cause with you
must talk about love
and say it a thousand times
I love you
I hate !!!all the rules that
keeps you away from me
and I hate even more
all the rules that
get you closer to someone else
Therefore I am jailed for many days
in your love’s prison
!!! and even God
will not set me free——-

The night of impatience
Is the night when I’m thinking of you
and it’s not clear
What you’re looking for
in my eyes ?
When I’m madly looking  for
your hands
As long as there are birds in cages
Our every day’s smiles
Are just elegies  for freedom
I miss you
when you
come home late and I
stare at the glass world in front of me
waiting for your window
I miss you
I wanted to write “you are my dear” ! but I saw you are not
I wanted to write “you are my beloved” ! but I saw you are not
I wanted to write “you are my spouse” ! but I saw you are not
no doubt !
you are another me
I’m always afraid
that one day you come while I’m still sleeping
and the sun wakes me up, not you…
All I’m afriad of is this childlike imagination
You left

And I watched you leave !

You left

And I breathed your path

And my lungs became full of distance

In a blink of an eye you disappeared

And I was left with your longing



When I write  about  loving you

Neither I’m budding nor getting young

…But I get back to life from death

When I write about loving you

My eyes glisten

 And love dances on my skin
And love began here
When I found you on Middle East! map
Just your origin here is enough for love to drown us in…
Middle East is somewhere between Heaven and Earth…
And , I do not know if your love is a sin or the biggest beneficence…

Will you remember me

On the Red Sea shore?

Cause I remembered you a lot

On the Black Sea shore…

Me with a red heart,


What is the color of yours?


Meeting you is

Like meeting the moon…

And for both,

A “Subhan’Allāh” is necessary.


Your eyes are my passport…,

from the land of loneliness to the kingdom of commotion…

Don’t take your look from me, don’t even blink !

You know, traveling with no passport is a crime! …

and I’ll be banished without your look… to where ? I don’t know !!


Dedicated to Abd al-Wahhab Al-Bayati
Will my heart survive?
When you cut my plait
And threw me out of your palace !
All my stories were of no use
And the ones untold,
I wish you'd cut my head off
So it meant my heart is not dead yet

It's a new version of democracy
I can't understand the meaning of democracy we look for 
here in middle east, 
while we are dictators in love
what are we looking for really?
what are we looking for really?

Touch my lipstick

…it’s my real sensation from my heart

.. today every thing are Pink

… cause you told  me pink is mine

…. Touch my lipstick

you can find yourself in my lips

Touch my Pink soul in My lips

Touch my Pink soul in My lips


! It seems like Arabian spring has come to your eyes

! I don’t know what to do against your eyes’ demonstration

! Soon my heart will collapse


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