Nizar Qabbani’s poem was so impressive on me that I find myslef little by little turning into Balqis Al-Aawi  ! Today my handbag was open and suddenly I saw my passport and tickets, and I feel maybe my life would end up like her

Poem : ” Twelve Roses in Balqis’s Hair”  By Nizar Qabbani  

I always felt that she was leaving
In her eyes, there were always sails
being made for departure
airplanes crouching on her lashes
preparing to take off..
In her hand bag-ever since I married her –
there was a passport… and an airplane ticket
visas to enter countries she had never visited
When I used to ask her
And why do you have all these documents in your handbag?
She would answer:because I have a date with a rainbow

After they handed me her handbag
which they found under the rubble
and I saw her passport
the airplane ticket
the entry visas
I knew that I had not married Balquis Al-Rawi
but had married a rainbow…

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